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Summer Stars Registration FAQ’s

How do I know my registration was accepted?

You will receive a confirmation email after you have gone through the registration and payment process.

What if I do not receive a confirmation email?
Then you have not finished your registration and must start again.

What if I accidentally register for the wrong program?
Please call Erin at (808) 634-6612 to change your registration.

If I choose to pay the deposit, how will I pay for the remainder of the program?
You will receive an email reminder in April to pay the remainder of your tuition online.

If I choose to apply for financial aid, how will I know whether I have received it?
You will receive an email in April asking for your remaining balance with a note on whether you have been approved for financial aid. If you have, your balance will be adjusted to reflect your aid reward.

Where do I send my financial aid application tax forms?
You may take a photo of it and text it to Erin at (808) 634-6612, email it to or send it to P.O Box 662295, Lihue, HI 96746. Remember, we must receive your TAX FORMS ASAP in order to process your financial aid application.

What if my 4 year old wants to be in the program?
The 2022 Summer Stars program is created for children 5-15 years of age. 

What if my child has a disability or medical consideration?
HCT is proud of its inclusive participation and casting policies; all children are welcome. Aids are permitted in class. If you feel your child’s situation is something we need to be aware of or special accommodations need to be made, please feel free to email us to discuss it. Please write down any medical considerations on the corresponding portion of the registration form.

Why is attendance mandatory?
New material is learned every rehearsal day and it can be challenging for absent students to catch up on missed rehearsals. The progress and cohesion of the cast as a whole is also impacted by absences. The ensemble works together as a team and can only succeed with every single member participating each day. Additionally, with only so many rehearsals, students who miss classes may not be placed in scenes or songs they missed as there is not enough rehearsal time to re-stage.