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What is Fall Show?

Every year we create a full-scale Broadway style musical to delight Kaua’i audiences islandwide. Children aged 8 and above as well as adults are chosen by audition and cast as each creative staff sees fit, regardless of age, race or gender. Many times there are opportunities for siblings, parents and even grandparents to work and play on stage together making this program a true family affair!  

With a production of this size, much of its success is due to the community members’ important jobs behind the scenes. We hope you will find an area of specialty for all members in your family to play a role.

Our professional staff of theater directors, choreographers, stage managers and technical crew help create an educational and memorable experience for all!   

Tuition for this show is $100 for students in elementary and middle school (financial aid is available) and free for older students and adults. We also ask that each student sell at least one $80 ad for our playbill as well as tickets to the show.
For more information, click here for our Fall Show Parent/Cast Handbook!