Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Hawaii Children’s Theatre presents Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! Everyone’s favorite flying car comes to life in the musical adaption of the beloved family film.

This show is rated G for all audiences!

Opening Friday November 10th and running through Sunday November 26th at the Kauai War Memorial Convention Hall. Showtimes are Fridays & Saturdays at 7 PM and Sundays at 4 PM.

Special Benefit Performance for food banks on Sunday November 12th at 4 PM. $6 with a donation.

Congratulations to our Cast!

Kala’e Abrams – Inventor/Kid’s Chorus
Meryl Abrams – Turkey Farmer/Adult Ensemble
Sydney Agudong – Dancer/Adult Ensemble
Isabella Bivens – Jemima Potts (Double Cast)
Noah Cabello – The Toymaker/Lord Scrumptious/Sydney/Adult Ensemble
Felix Cosmann – Coggins/Soldier/Adult Ensemble
Dylan Crowe – Inventor/Kid’s Chorus
Gabbie Davidson – Dancer/Adult Ensemble
Fia Gaines – Susan/Kid’s Chorus
Jarhett Gaines – Caractacus Potts
Cassius Garcia – Kid’s Chorus
Finley Garcia – Inventor/Kid’s Chorus
Taj Gutierrez – Baron Bomburst/Chef/Dancer
Katie Hoesel – Dancer/Adult Ensemble
Makaya Kaduce – Adult Ensemble
Blade Kanekuni – Dancer/Adult Ensemble
Jake Lester – Inventor/Dancer/Adult Ensemble
Ella Marcil – Truly (Understudy)/Adult Ensemble
Kaile McKeown – Dancer/Adult Ensemble
Margaret McLeod – Dancer/Adult Ensemble
Rayna McMullen – Kid’s Chorus
Charles O’Neill – Inventor/Dancer/Adult Ensemble
Veda Parker – Boris (Spy)
Benjamin Petterson – Inventor Understudy/Kid’s Chorus
Emma Pinkston – Dancer/Adult Ensemble
Caitlyn Plowman – Greta/Kid’s Chorus
Caleb Plowman – Inventor/Kid’s Chorus
Tara Randol – Goran (Spy)
Kolea Rautmann – Toby/Adult Ensemble
Sabryn Rudinoff – Dancer/Adult Ensemble
Daphne Sanchez – Baroness/Dancer/Adult Ensemble
Kenna Shafter – Truly (Double Cast)/Adult Ensemble
Kharma Stambaugh – Dancer/Adult Ensemble
Manu Trujillo – The Childcatcher/Miss Phillips/Adult Ensemble
Gianna Valenti – Marta/Kid’s Chorus
Jim Warrack – Grandpa Potts
Travis Williamson – Jeremy Potts
Abby Winters – Jemima Potts (Double Cast)