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Inspiring youth through the study, performance and appreciation of theater arts.
School of Rock, Jr., 2016
Mary Poppins, 2015
Les Miserables, 2015
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, 2017
Matilda the Musical, 2019
Newsies, 2018
The Lion King, Jr., 2017

Moana, Jr. Rehearsal Tracks

01_In the Beginning….mp3

02_Tulou Tagaloa

03_Where You Are (Part 1)

04_Gramma Tells Stories

05_Where You Are (Part 2)

06_He Was You

07_How Far I’ll Go

08_Big Waves

09_We Know the Way

10_We Know the Way (Playoff)

11_Where You Are (Reprise)

12_How Far I’ll Go (Reprise)

13_Meeting Maui

14_You’re Welcome

15_You’re Welcome (Playoff)

16_A Little Help

17_A Little More Help

18_You’d Be a Hero

19_Warrior Face (Part 1)

20_Warrior Face (Part 2)

21_Warrior Face (Part 3)

22_Warrior Face (Playoff)

23_Tamatoa’s Reveal

24_Shiny (Part 1)

25_Shiny (Part 2)

26_Shiny (Playoff)

27_Hook Fizzle 1

28_Hook Fizzle 2

29_Anything They Could Ever Want

30_Warrior Face (Reprise) Logo Te Pate

31_Logo Te Pate (Playoff)

32_Turn the Canoe Around 

33_It Chose Wrong

34_Song of the Ancestors

35_Wayfinder Battle

36_Know Who You Are

37_Te Fiti Restored

38_Tulou Tagaloa (Reprise)

39_We Know the Way (Finale)


41_Exit Music