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Moana, Jr. Rehearsal Tracks

01_In the Beginning….mp3

02_Tulou Tagaloa

03_Where You Are (Part 1)

04_Gramma Tells Stories

05_Where You Are (Part 2)

06_He Was You

07_How Far I’ll Go

08_Big Waves

09_We Know the Way

10_We Know the Way (Playoff)

11_Where You Are (Reprise)

12_How Far I’ll Go (Reprise)

13_Meeting Maui

14_You’re Welcome

15_You’re Welcome (Playoff)

16_A Little Help

17_A Little More Help

18_You’d Be a Hero

19_Warrior Face (Part 1)

20_Warrior Face (Part 2)

21_Warrior Face (Part 3)

22_Warrior Face (Playoff)

23_Tamatoa’s Reveal

24_Shiny (Part 1)

25_Shiny (Part 2)

26_Shiny (Playoff)

27_Hook Fizzle 1

28_Hook Fizzle 2

29_Anything They Could Ever Want

30_Warrior Face (Reprise) Logo Te Pate

31_Logo Te Pate (Playoff)

32_Turn the Canoe Around 

33_It Chose Wrong

34_Song of the Ancestors

35_Wayfinder Battle

36_Know Who You Are

37_Te Fiti Restored

38_Tulou Tagaloa (Reprise)

39_We Know the Way (Finale)


41_Exit Music