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Backstage at HCT

How a Production Comes to Life at HCT

There are many people working behind the scenes of the plays you see on a Kauai stage.

We have a:

  • Volunteer Board of Directors
  • Small administrative staff
  • Volunteer production staff team

Who all work with the Executive Director to make sure that each production is the absolute best production we can create for our Kauai audiences.

  • 6 Months Prior to Opening Production
    • Production/Creative Team Assembled.
    • Production stage manager, stage manager, technical director, set designer, lighting designer, costume designer, musical director, and choreographer meet with the Director.
    • The Director creates the vision for the production and works with the Production/Creative Team to build upon the Director’s vision.
    • Registration/School Shows
      • Registration forms are sent to the mailing list and flyers are placed in public places. Materials are sent to local schools and reservations are booked.
  • 3 Months Prior to Opening
    • Workshops/Rehearsals Begin: Students that are registered learn about the audition process and the show is cast, with everyone having a part. Students attend workshops/classes 2-3 times per week, developing skills and learning to work as a team.
  • 2 Months Prior to Opening
    • Ad and Ticket Sales: Students and families begin to sell ads and tickets to offset the production costs. Media coverage begins, and community partners are sought.
  • 1 Month Prior to Opening
    • Final Set, Props, and Costumes.  Volunteers put the finishing touches on the set, costumes are completed, and props are found or made.
  • 3 Weeks Prior to Opening
    • Countdown Begins.  1st Dress Rehearsal with all the finishing touches, canteen supplies are ordered, the lighting designer completes the light plot.
  • 2 Weeks Prior to Opening
    • Load In.  Students, parents, volunteers, staff move EVERYTHING to the production facility. TECH “WEEK” BEGINS.
  • 1 Week Prior to Opening
    • WHEW!  Months of work are polished! Late nights and fast food dinners are the norm. The cast brings school work to the production facility so that they can study and complete homework in between their times on stage.
    • Opening night marks the beginning of
      • Nine public performances.
      • Two to six school performances.
  • Final Total
    • At least 2,500 Volunteer & Staff Hours!