Hawaii Children’s Theatre is a non-profit organization founded in 1996 and run by a volunteer board of directors. They put in hundreds of hours of work each year, assisted by student family members who add many more hours of support and coordination for seasonal programs. HCT plays host to an ensemble of professional artists who bring unique vision and compelling voice to the creation of meaningful theatre for young audiences.

Hawaii Children’s Theatre is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.
Federal ID#99-0330749

HCT strives to make live theatre a vital part of the childhood experience for all young people on Kauai.  Hawai’i Children’s Theatre serves more than 300 young people each year, some through the scholarship subsidy and work study programs. 10,000 children and families attend HCT performances each year.

Our Mission Statement:

Hawaii Children’s Theatre is committed to being a world-class, multi-cultural theater arts education program. Standing for excellence, accessibility, and theater that makes a difference to enrich the lives of young people, their families and the community by addressing their unique needs through live theater, formal education in the performing arts and high quality entertainment.