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What are the elective volunteer jobs?

Volunteers, working under the guidance of a volunteer parent coordinator and our professional staff, may take on the following jobs: backstage, technical & “house.”

Note: This list is not complete, but it is a summary of the types of jobs we need help with on major productions. Anyone can help, not just the family, but friends and co-workers!

During Production


  • Gather material
  • Gather accessories
  • Sewing costumes
  • Fitting costumes
  • Organizing the costumes backstage
  • Dressers (for actors needing quick changes)
  • Laundering costumes after the show, and returning them to HCT storage


  • Set design assistance
  • Gather materials for set construction
  • Set construction (please bring tools, we have some, but not all)
  • Set painting Artwork: scenic design
  • Set dressing (gather furniture, etc. to dress the set)
  • Load into the hall; set up the stage
  • Stage Crew (back stage for every performance)
  • Break down on closing night and bring set back to HCT storage

Hair and Makeup

  • Help backstage with hair and makeup


  • Posters: design and distribution
  • Hotels; concierges
  • TV ad; video the ad
  • Banners; help put them up

Program (computer skills needed)

  • Scan ads
  • Create ads for those that request it
  • Help lay-out program for printer


  • Gather props on prop list and give to prop-master
  • Gather materials for prop-making class
  • Prop-master (backstage for every performance and working with stage crew)


  • Photos taken the last month during rehearsal and individual of actors for the star board and lobby display

Go-for (assist the staff during the week prior to opening with all the little details)

During the run of the Show


  • We love to get as many ads as we can get and sometimes we get someone who will do outside sales of ads for the program.


  • Bake goodies to sell
  • Help buy drinks and ice
  • Help sell during intermission


  • Help gather prizes to win in the drawings (we need some big ones and some medium size ones and some smaller ones, like gift certificates.
  • Help sell drawing tickets during intermission

Lobby display and set up

  • Star board (arrange the photos and actors, etc. in a nice display (artistic ability a plus here)
  • Decorationsā€”if any, we get tables from Island Liquidators and theĀ Convention Hall

House Manager

  • This is like stage manager, but in the hall and lobby area. You are the first one there and the last one to leave. This is a job with a lot of responsibility as you are in charge of everything in the lobby (canteen, tickets, opening up, etc.) and the hall (ushers, house lights, cleanup in all areas.)


  • We need at least 2 each performance and this is a serious job keeping order in the hall during performance and picking up after everyone leaves.

Back stage assistance

  • Helping with the kids back stage: usually intersects with hair, makeup, stage crew, props and dressers

Cast Party

  • We can have this in the lobby of the hall following the closing performance while the parents are breaking down the set, or at another place at another time.
  • We feed everyone!
  • We dance and play games.
  • We need someone to organize the party activities and food.
  • It would be nice to have prizes too.

All the time

  • We run this organization on a very tight budget and we try for donations of everything that we can get: prizes, materials, lumber, etc.
  • We are a 501-c3 and can give a donation letter to anyone who donates anything with regard to the production.