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Get Involved

Volunteers are an essential Component of each HCT program. A typical HCT Fall show includes a total of about 2,500 hours of volunteer time divided among the HCT Board of Directors, crew, and families of all the cast members. It’s a fun experience, and very rewarding.

Since the beginning of civilization, the performing arts have fulfilled different needs for communities around the world. For the performer or the creative artist who participates in the performing arts, they provide new and dynamic channels for communication with society.  For the student, theatre education provides a wealth of new perspectives.

HCT is poised to maximize its potential in this new millennium as one of the largest children’s theatre programs in Hawaii, and the only year-round program for elementary students on Kauai.  We are proud to be among the local theatre groups that make a significant contribution to the cultural fabric of this wonderful island.  Your support is a direct investment in the future viability of our community and in the quality of life and learning for our keiki.