Child Safety

HCT strives to provide a secure, caring, and enriched environment that promotes learning and the development of the whole child.

Hawaii Children’s Theatre provides a safe and secure environment for your child in the following ways:

  • Emergencies:
    • Superficial Injuries- We have 2 First Aid kits available at all times during our programs. The children will be treated for minor cuts and scrapes and parents will be immediately notified.
    • Lock-downs- We are prepared to keep your children in-doors safely for up to 48 hours. We have 2 Guardian Survival Classroom Lockdown Deluxe Emergency Kits to provide food, and water for your children during an emergency.
    • Severe Injury- Our staff is ready to respond to severe injury of any child. We have at least 2 CPR certified staff on the premises at all times as well as an emergency contact list and the ability to call 911 within seconds.
  • On Campus Security:
    • We have many safety precautions in place to make sure that your child stays safe and secure during program:
      • Secure Sign in and Out: We ask that all parents/guardians walk into our facility to sign their child in and out. This ensures that the child is going home with a trusted adult. A child cannot sign him or herself out unless special permission is granted by the parent/guardian.
      • We do not allow unknown children or adults on campus without proper vetting or documentation.
  • Allergies:
    • We are respectful of children with allergies. Our registration forms always ask for any known allergies and we make sure that these are documented and our staff is well informed. We are always prepared to make our facility a peanut-free zone if that is required from our students.