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Inspiring youth through the study, performance and appreciation of theater arts.
School of Rock, Jr., 2016
Mary Poppins, 2015
Les Miserables, 2015
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, 2017
Matilda the Musical, 2019
Newsies, 2018
The Lion King, Jr., 2017

101 Dalmatians Rehearsal Tracks

01_Orchestra Tune-Up

02_Dalmatian Conga

03_Dalmatian Conga (Playoff).mp3

04_Thunderbolt Adventure Hour.mp3

05_Kanine Krunchies.mp3

06_You’ll Be Sorry.mp3

07_Cruella De Vil.mp3

08_Life Went On Evil Plans.mp3

09_Cruella’s Scheme copy.mp3


11_Kanine Krunchies (Reprise) copy.mp3

12_The Fur Vault.mp3

13_Twilight Bark.mp3

14_Twilight Bark (Playoff).mp3

15_Cruella Enters.mp3

16_My Beautiful Coat.mp3

17_The Chase.mp3

18_Dalmatian Plantation & Finale.mp3


20_Cruella De Vil (Exit Music).mp3