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101 Dalmatians Rehearsal Tracks

01_Orchestra Tune-Up

02_Dalmatian Conga

03_Dalmatian Conga (Playoff).mp3

04_Thunderbolt Adventure Hour.mp3

05_Kanine Krunchies.mp3

06_You’ll Be Sorry.mp3

07_Cruella De Vil.mp3

08_Life Went On Evil Plans.mp3

09_Cruella’s Scheme copy.mp3


11_Kanine Krunchies (Reprise) copy.mp3

12_The Fur Vault.mp3

13_Twilight Bark.mp3

14_Twilight Bark (Playoff).mp3

15_Cruella Enters.mp3

16_My Beautiful Coat.mp3

17_The Chase.mp3

18_Dalmatian Plantation & Finale.mp3


20_Cruella De Vil (Exit Music).mp3