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Since 1996, Hawaii Children’s Theatre (HCT) has educated over 2000 students, performed locally for audiences totaling more than 100,000, and internationally for over 50,000!  A percentage of the funds raised goes to student scholarships, enabling deserving students on our Island to study the performing arts, who would not, otherwise, have the opportunity.  Please consider a partnership with HCT, to underwrite community theatre programs addressing a variety of children’s issues.

HCT is poised to maximize its potential as one of the largest children’s theatre programs in Hawaii, and the only year-round program for elementary students on Kauai.  We are proud to be among the local theatre groups that make a significant contribution to the cultural fabric of this wonderful Island of Kauai.  Your support is a direct investment in the future viability of our community and in the quality of life and learning for our keiki.

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